Surrender The Booty 1000000X Battlefield

Ahoy there, matey! Welcome to "Surrender The Booty," the fiercest pirate-themed Battlefield server on the high seas of the internet! Ready yer AKs and secure the C4 as ye dive headfirst into a realm where danger lurks in every rock and booty abound for the bravest of souls.

Our server is not for the faint-hearted. It's a haven for scallywags and seadogs yearning for relentless battles and bountiful plunder. Here, every skirmish is a chance to prove your mettle, either by forcing enemies to walk the plank or by outsmarting them to claim the precious booty.

We've hoisted the Jolly Roger high and modified our Battlefield experience to immerse ye in the golden age of piracy. Expect no quarter as you navigate through custom maps that echo the creaks of armored decks, the roar of rocket fire, and the rush of salty winds. With unique mods that challenge even the saltiest of sea dogs, ye'll need all hands on deck to survive and thrive.

Join our crew or face us as a foe—either way, prepare for an adventure where strategy, skill, and a bit of pirate's luck will see you through. Will you hoist your colors and claim victory, or will ye find yerself in Davy Jones’ Locker? Set sail with us and let the battle for the booty begin!

So, weigh anchor and sail on over to "Surrender The Booty," where legends are made, and treasures are won. Your pirate adventure awaits!

  • Loadouts
  • Kits
  • Minicopter
  • Skinbox
  • Clans
  • Teleport
  • VIP Ranks
  • Short bag times
  • Fast Decay
  • VIP Ranks
    • No fall damage
    • Airstrikes
    • VIP Kits
    • More loadouts
    • No reload
    • and more!